Professional Workshop on Ground water modeling using ModMuse Software

The course objective is to enhance data analysis capacities beyond MODFLOW6 using MODmuse

Date: 24th-26th August 2021
Venue: TAEEs conference room, Bunju B, Mazingira Street 7E-9B

Learning Expectations

  • Understand how MODMuse intercede with model grid, data sets, formulas, objects, the method used to assign values to data sets, and model features.
  • Understand about ModelMuse as a graphics user interface for groundwater – modeling software which was modifies to support MODFLOW6
  • Understand how ModelMuse works with two types of spatial discretization in MODFLOW6: structured grids (DIS) and discretizationby vertices (DISV)
  • Understand how ModelMuse supports the version of MODPATH and ZONEBUDGET that we compatible with MODFLOW 6.


User enhanced data analysis capabilities beyond the MODFLOW6 with less time and high quality and precise data model.

Target Beneficiaries

  • Water supply Authorities whose water resources are underground water
  • Water Basin Authorities
  • Water Managers
  • Students pursuing water resources management
  • Other interested Water practitioners

Course Fee

Course fee is TZS 600,000 which will cover Tuition fee, Meals and Refreshments and Certificate of Attendance

Course fee to be paid to:
TAEEs Company
NMB, Tegeta branch
AC: 23510041344

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