The Water Resources Integration Development Initiative (WARIDI) with support from USAID was mainly focusing in promoting integrated water resources management and service delivery across multiple sectors, with the specific goal of improving water resources management, improved water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) service access and climate change adaptation in Tanzania.

WARIDI with TAEEs intervention started in early June 2018 till June 2019 and intended to improve health and water supply management in Bagamoyo DC through establishment and registration of Community Owned Water Supply Organizations (COWSOs) and capacity building to COWSOs.

The intervention managed to support 12 existing COWSOs and 3 newly formed COWSOs of Zinga, Kiromo and Fukayosi which received capacity building training from June 2018 to June 2019.

Before intervention, only one COWSO from Mataya village scored above 75% from the community competency model (CCM) assessment on the context that it was functioning but needed more support though. The rest of the COWSO needed more push to make sure that they get back to their feed to operate to their fully capacity and independently.

By the end of the project after being trained, more than 80% of those COWSOs were fully functioning while 35% of those COWSO managed to develop business and facility management plans as well. Which means that they had reached high level of operating themselves and run their own project at their full capacity. through Equity bank showed interest to support these 5 COWSOs with soft loans through equity bank and this became part of the COWSO growth strategies and expansion of the WASH services in their communities.

The WARIDI initiatives through water point mapping (WPM) assisted the Bagamoyo district to access pay by results (PbR) funds for the first time and they received Tsh. 123,333,776.83 as a result. It is a result of WARIDI intervention of which Bagamoyo district council appreciated the efforts which triggered for the first time accessing PbR funds. As the WARIDI program was coming to an end, the support managed to increase water points from 595 to 648 in total number which was a milestone to appreciate.

Lastly, WARIDI intervention has assisted in repairing and extending water points so that they increased from 249 to 278 while Functional Needs Repair (FNR) water points decreased from 47 to 26.